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fresh frozen food distribution is an important part of food safety

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   refrigeration letters - hunger breeds, food safety is an important guarantee for livelihood, is an eternal topic. while ensuring food safety aspects of the work from which the distribution of frozen and fresh food as an important part of food safety is very important.

fresh fruits and vegetables cold storage technology is the low-temperature preservation of modern primary means of high-quality fresh cold storage is to inhibit the activity of microorganisms and enzymes, to extend the period of a fruit and vegetable store ways forever. fresh storage can reduce the incidence of pathogens and fruit decay rate, you can also slow down the metabolic processes of respiration of fruit to achieve prevent decay, the purpose of extending the storage period. so, in the process of distribution of food preservation, preservation cold storage is essential.

the freezer in the transport process, in order to prevent the occurrence of fresh food deterioration, take frozen or refrigerated storage modes of transport. refrigerated container transport logistics enterprises are generally divided into foreign and domestic trade, foreign trade export freezers first test case to go through the business of loading; domestic trade are generally refrigerated truck transport by road. with diesel fuel prices, rising labor costs, the cost of road transport increasing pressure.

in order to improve logistics efficiency and reduce logistics costs, and now more and more areas of the domestic use of water and land transport way frozen distribution. if you rely on road transport, logistics costs are high, domestic freezers portage transport, in order to reduce transportation costs. portage overland transport prices than the price reduced by 25% or more, from ningbo port to shenyang transportation, for example, road transport generally requires about 600 yuan per ton, while the water and land transport only need 450 yuan.

air conditioning and refrigeration big market experts pointed out that china's frozen fresh technologies need to be further strengthened, to methods and techniques for refrigerated ongoing innovation, accelerate the pace of introduction of advanced technology, a variety of cold storage as soon as the popularity of new technologies. relying on technology to reduce refrigeration and distribution costs, improve the level of food preservation only way to solve the distribution process frozen food safety hazards of the fundamental.