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you must know the nine kinds of brain food

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a spinach
spinach has a strong antioxidant capacity, helps to slow growth due to age and cognitive impairment caused by damage to the central nervous system. spinach containing antioxidants vitamin c and vitamin e leader.
2 salmon
at least a week to eat a fish, especially salmon, sardines and herring people who eat fish with very few compared to the incidence of alzheimer's disease is much lower. fish also helps to strengthen the activity of nerve cells, thereby enhancing learning and memory.

three grape juice or wine
often drink grape juice good for prolonging life. moderate use of wine has the same effect, but because alcohol will produce nerve paralysis, which grape juice is the better choice. grape juice antioxidant content higher than any other fruit and vegetables, and can improve the transmission capacity of the nervous system. in addition to longevity, grape juice can also improve memory in the short term.

4 hot cocoa
hot cocoa can not only warm, but also for the brain equally effective. two teaspoons of pure cocoa powder coming out of the drink, its antioxidant content is almost 2 times the same amount of red wine, green tea 3-4 times that of black tea 4-5 times. cocoa antioxidants can protect brain cells, preventing the occurrence of neurological disorders.

5 whole wheat products and brown rice
enhance the body's ability to absorb nutrients is the best way to eat brown rice. brown rice contains a variety of vitamins, essential for maintaining cognitive ability. including vitamin b6 to reduce homocysteine ​​levels the most effect.

6 almonds and walnuts
dried fruit, almonds and walnuts are particularly common party food is not only delicious, but also rich in antioxidants. almonds and walnuts because it contains omega-3 series fatty acids, with a more pronounced effect. china is known as "eating walnuts brain" argument.

7 olive oil
olive oil contains unsaturated fatty acids, have a preventive role in atherosclerosis. therefore, the promotion part in cooking to add olive oil, safflower oil and other vegetable oils.

8 garlic
brain activity mainly depends on the energy source of glucose, to play its due role of glucose, you need to have a sufficient amount of vitamin b1 existence. garlic itself does not contain significant amounts of vitamin b1, but it can enhance the role of vitamin b1, and b1 because garlic can produce something called "garlic amine" material, and the role of garlic amine to much stronger than vitamin b1. therefore, proper eating garlic can promote brain glucose into energy.

9 blueberry
wild blueberries are rich in antioxidants, you can clear the body of impurities. long-term intake of blueberries can accelerate hippocampal neurons in cell growth and differentiation, improve memory, but also reduce the incidence of high blood pressure and stroke risk.

you must know the nine kinds of brain food