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inventory summer sunscreen effects of fruits and vegetables

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hot summer sun, which makes the beauty of women who complain incessantly. in fact, in addition to sunscreen, and many foods also contain "sunscreen" ingredients. such as red and yellow fruits and vegetables. tomatoes, carrots, papaya, sweet potatoes, citrus fruits, etc., are representative. the color of these fruits and vegetables contain from their own rich in lycopene, carotenoids and anthocyanins, also rich in vitamin c, has a strong antioxidant capacity, can improve skin resistance.

1, tomato

tomato is the best sunscreen food, rich in antioxidants, lycopene, a daily intake of 16 mg of lycopene may decrease the risk of sunburn coefficient of 40%. its rich acidic juice can help you balance the skin ph value. for black and rough skin who can be applied to the face after tomato daozhi, stay for about 15 minutes then rinse with water, a great help in removing dead skin facial. tomatoes are also rich in vitamin c, vegetables, tomato juice to mix in a little honey and rub on the face, 10 minutes later cleaned every day insistence freckle, whitening.

2, watermelon

unlike eating watermelon drink or drink, it is not just the body of water to add. watermelon juice contains a variety of healthy and beauty of the chemical components, such as physical activity can promote skin amino acids. these ingredients easily absorbed by the skin, facial skin moisture, nutrition, sunscreen, whitening effect is good.

3, lemon

lemon is a fruit of beauty to share, because rich in vitamin c and calcium and as a raw material for cosmetics and skincare. its main cosmetic effect are: whitening cleansing, removing stains, firming, moisturizing, eliminating fatigue, anti-aging skin. as lemon contains a lot of fruit acids can soften cuticles, remove dead skin and promote skin metabolism. take a small teaspoon of lemon juice, mix a spoonful of yogurt and a spoonful of honey, the knees, elbows, and lightly rub the heel unit for about 10 minutes, then rinse with warm water, long-term adherence can make the skin soft and shiny.

4 oranges

oranges are rich in vc and carotene, can inhibit the formation of carcinogens, can soften and protect blood vessels, promote blood circulation, lower cholesterol and blood lipids. studies have shown that drinking three cups of orange juice a day can increase the body of high-density lipoprotein (hdl) levels, thereby reducing the risk of heart disease may, orange juice containing a particular chemical composition of flavonoids and lemon factors that can contribute to increased hdl, and transporting low-density lipoprotein (ldl) to in vitro.

5, kiwi

kiwi is a high nutritional value of fruits, which can be capacitive solids content of 20%, including leucine, phenylalanine, isoleucine, tyrosine, valine, alanine, and a dozen amino acids, rich in minerals, per 100 grams of flesh 27 mg calcium, phosphorus 26 mg, 1.2 mg of iron, also contains carotene and vitamins, including vitamin c content of 100 mg (hectogram pulp ) or more, some as high as 300 mg or more varieties, citrus 5 - 10 times, apples and other fruits 15 - 30 times, and thus in the world, known as the "king of fruits." it contains vitamin c and vitamin e not only beautiful skin, but also has antioxidant, can effectively whiten skin, remove freckles and pimples. in addition, kiwifruit is also rich in soluble fiber, the fiber content per kilogram on average kiwi 2.6 grams of carbohydrates can promote the body's metabolism, helping digestion and prevent constipation.

6, pineapple

pineapple is a tropical fruit, which is rich in vitamin not only dilute the facial pigmentation, skin moist and transparent, but also effectively exfoliates, stimulates skin metabolism, skin showing healthy state. dull people can wipe gauze soaked pineapple juice, long-term adherence can play a whitening effect. in the bath water by adding a little more pineapple juice nourish the skin, especially for rough skin person. in addition, the pineapple also contains a substance called bromelain, which can effectively remove the dirt surface of the teeth, making your teeth white jade.

7, apple

apple beauty are regarded by many beauty products saint. apple contains 0.3% protein, 0.4% fat, 0.9% crude fiber and various minerals, aromatic alcohols and the like. it contains a lot of water and a variety of moisturizing factor of the skin moisturizing effect, vitamin c can inhibit melanin in the skin calm, eat apples can dilute facial freckles and melasma. in addition, apples contain abundant acid composition can make pores clear, there are acne effect. in addition, apple moderate performance, can be used as natural mask can also be sliced ​​coating. the apple slices are also deposited in the area in recent years, the popular black eye dark circles trick. recent medical research has found that apple is rich in vitamins and in addition to pectin, it also contains a lot of antioxidants that can prevent free radical damage to cells and cholesterol oxidation, anti-cancer anti-aging goods.

8, loofah

loofah is whitening, wrinkle natural beauty products. according to medical experiments show that long-term consumption of liquid loofah loofah or facial, can make the skin soft, smooth, and can prevent and eliminate acne and hyperpigmentation. gourd is rich in vitamins, minerals, plants and xylose mucilage glue, many have joined the essence water gourd extract, the japanese cosmetics market, such is the essence of many women beauty essential goods. loofah water collected is not difficult, using only the gourd stem at 60 cm above ground cut down the middle, its lower bend, cut down. then take a small glass bottle set in the incision so that the bottle gourd water to flow unobstructed. loofah water overnight with gauze filter it, add some glycerin and alcohol can be used. this will no longer afraid of wrinkles climb up your face.

9, aloe

in japan, the application of aloe vera beauty is almost a household name. cosmetics market in europe, 80% of the products contain natural aloe extract. aloe natural anthraquinone glycosides or anthracene derivatives, can absorb ultraviolet rays and prevent skin red, brown spots produced. in addition, aloe polysaccharides and vitamins on human skin have good nutrition, moisturizing, whitening effect. the elimination of acne aloe have a good effect. such as aloe emodin anthraquinone glycosides are substances, such substances can make hair soft and shiny, relaxed and comfortable, and has anti-dandruff effect.

10, cherry

cherry is an iron and carotene fruit, it is very rich in nutrients, on the blood of people over virtual blood and kidney can play a role in eating 200-300 grams before meals can improve digestion function, digestive function poor people are very good. cherry is rich in vitamin c can nourish the skin whitening, effective against the formation of melanin. in addition, the acid contained in cherries also promote the formation of the stratum corneum.

11, peaches

many people love to eat a peach is a sweet and delicious fruits, which contain large amounts of acid with moisturizing effect, can also clear pores of dirt, prevent pigmentation, prevent wrinkles. in addition, peaches also contains a lot of vitamin b and c, promote blood circulation, the facial skin healthy and radiant. for rough skin, you can wash with peach slices in the face of friction and massage, then washed, this approach helps to keep skin smooth and soft. in addition, the bath water by adding a little peach juice soaked, but also a good way to maintain the skin.

12, avocado

avocado the name may not be as well known as other fruits, its uneven surfaces like orange peel, lemon-like seductive cute, but it is rich in glycerin acids, proteins and vitamins, smooth but not greasy, is a natural anti- oxidants, not only softens and moisturizes the skin, can shrink large pores. with 1/4 avocado mix 1 teaspoon milk, mash, can be used for attaining a mask, especially for dry skin, can effectively moisturize the skin.